The kidney is a vital organ in the human body. Most human beings are born with two kidneys. Located behind the stomach and on both sides of the spine, the size of these bean-shaped organs is pretty similar to the size of an adult fist. The primary function of the kidneys is to eliminate waste products and excess fluids from your body.

Kidney Health

A half-cup of blood is filtered every minute by healthy kidneys to create urine. The human body manages to maintain a healthy blend of minerals, salts, and water due to the function of this organ. It also offers the best assistance to hormones that keep your bone healthy and strong, make red blood cells and control blood pressure. All these aspects clearly suggest the importance of the kidney as a vital organ in the human body.

Common habits that make a negative impact on kidneys

You need to make committed efforts to maintain kidney health at optimal levels. If you don’t drink enough water, you are not protecting this organ effectively. A healthy lifestyle is what you need to follow to optimize the health of your kidneys.

Most common habits that make an adverse impact on your kidneys are:

– Lack of sound sleep

– Smoking

– Heavy drinking

– Sedentary lifestyle

– Excess consumption of sugar-rich foods

– Overuse of pain killers

– Not emptying bladder on time

– Overtraining

What foods are hard on the kidneys?

Your diet plays an important role in making your kidneys healthy. Some foods are hard on your kidneys and you need to avoid them to restore or maintain good kidney health.

  • It is always advisable to avoid or control the use of dark-colored colas.
  • Avocados must not find a place in your renal diet because they contain a high amount of potassium.
  • If you are suffering from any type of kidney-related issue, you have to control the use of canned foods.
  • Phosphorus, sodium and potassium contents make whole-wheat bread an unsuitable option.
  • Regular consumption of brown rice is recommended for renal diet followers.
  • If you are experiencing kidney health problems or following a renal diet, you should also avoid or control the use of bananas, dairy products, oranges, processed meat, pickles, processed olives, relish, apricots, potatoes, tomatoes, spinach, beet greens, dates, raisins, chips, pretzels, crackers, butter, and peanuts.

What is the best thing to drink for your kidneys?

You don’t have to make any special drinks to enhance kidney health. Certain beverages that you keep on making at home stabilize health effectively.

  • Cranberry juice is an excellent choice to strengthen the health of your urinary tract and kidney. The compounds available in cranberries prevent E. coli which get stuck in the urinary tract wall to cause most types of urinary tract infections. Cranberry - Fruit
  • Drinking water also strengthens your kidneys in many ways. When you consume a lot of water, your kidneys work more efficiently to filter wastes and toxins from the blood and help the body excrete them as urine. When your water intake is reduced over a period, you may have to deal with dehydration and kidney stone.
  • There are kidney cleansing teas available on the market that are made using stinging nettle, hydrangea, and sambong.
  • Lime-based citrus juices like limeade and lemonade contain high amounts of citrate and help your body stay protected against kidney stones. You become highly vulnerable to stone formation in the kidney when calcium binds with other minerals. The citrate available in lime-based drinks does not allow calcium to bind with other minerals.
  • Wine is another popular beverage that promotes kidney health. Recent research studies show that wine consumption in moderation keeps the function of kidneys at optimal levels. The heart health of people, who suffer from kidney diseases, can be better protected with a controlled intake of wine. Sugar contents in all these beverages should be reduced to minimal levels because an excessive amount of sugar consumption can create a damaging effect on your kidney. For changing the taste or cutting tartness, you can use a sugar substitute.

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How can I improve my kidney function naturally?

If you are experiencing any kidney issues, you have to change your diet to improve the function.

A healthy diet is what you need to follow. The blood pressure and sugar levels must be kept under control. A balanced renal diet is the best option available.

You must seek the help of an experienced dietitian or medical practitioner to design a renal diet that meets your unique needs. The experts advise fluid control for some patients.

The salt and potassium intake has to be reduced. You should stay away from smoking and binge drinking or heavy alcohol consumption.

Does exercise enhance kidney health?

Daily exercise always helps you keep your body strong and healthy. If you have kidney issues, you have to maintain a healthy weight with regular exercise. Regular workouts, walking or playing a sport improves your heart health.

You can enjoy sound sleep, reduced level of blood fats, improved muscle physical functioning and efficient blood pressure control with daily exercise. You need to choose a workout regime based on your age, physical condition and level of ability.

What fruits are good for kidneys?

Berries including raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries are good for your kidneys. Since berries contain many nutrients and anti-oxidant compounds, you can expect better protection. Apple is one fruit that contains a very vital fiber known as pectin. This fiber controls your cholesterol and blood sugar levels to lower risk factors for damage. Other fruits you can consume to stabilize your kidneys health are:

– Red grapes

– Cherries Red - Cherries

– Cranberries

What is surprisingly bad for your kidneys?

  • If you use non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for the long term, especially at high doses; you can expect some harmful effects on kidney structures and tissues.
  • Smoking builds an excess amount of protein in the urine to invite damage to the kidneys.
    • Exposure to contrast dye, commonly utilized in CT scans and angiograms makes you vulnerable to contrast-induced nephropathy (CIN).
      • Excess consumption of salt increases blood pressure levels to create negative effects on your kidneys. High intake of soft drink beverages and alcohol also makes you vulnerable to diseases.

        How do I cleanse my kidneys naturally?

        • If you consume a sufficient amount of fluids in the form of water and other liquids along with fruits and vegetables, your kidneys will self-cleanse effectively.
        • Some herbs that cleanse your kidneys effectively are Dandelion tea, Ginger, Marshmallow root, Goldenrod, Parsley, Nettles, Red clover, Turmeric, and Juniper.
        • You can also use Beet juice, Watermelon, Cranberry juice, Lemon juice, Pumpkin seeds, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B6, and Magnesium to cleanse your kidneys naturally.


        If you want to safeguard your kidney health, you need to follow a healthy lifestyle. A balanced diet and regular exercise always keep kidney health at optimal levels. People, who suffer from kidney diseases, must stay hydrated to restore health efficiently. The foods must be chosen carefully to complement the recovery process. There are also natural cleansers that help you strengthen your kidney health.

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          Thanks for allowing me to read your post on Kidney Health I had no idea one cup of blood is delivered by healthy kidneys to create urine, nature is so amazing. I try to be aware how important it is to not abuse this organ so I do not smoke, drink or do drugs but I sometimes fail at getting the right hours of sleep and I tend to sometimes wait until I can’t hold my urine but is doesn’t happen often. I’m so glad to see the things that can cause damage along with eating the right foods. This is a great resource you have put together and it’s really easy to follow.

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