When it comes to baby food, we usually want it to be the most healthy and delicious, because the health of our children depends on it. Now the question is very important of what products we buy and eat, where they were grown, were fertilizers added to the soil for plant food, were antibiotics or other chemicals used to get safe meat or eggs, dairy products? The meaning of the phrase “natural product” is very valuable, and food manufacturers have learned how to use it.

Is it possible at all in our time to find natural organic products and can there exist such a thing as organic baby food?

To begin with, let’s figure out what “organic nutrition” is.

watermelon-babyEven two centuries ago, the question of the benefits of foodstuffs was not raised at all, but with the advent of the era of scientific progress, various foreign substances and organisms began to be added to foodstuffs that could improve the characteristics of products artificially, but perhaps at that time they did not think about the consequences of such action.


So we got to the point that when we came to the most ordinary supermarket, we can’t find a single natural product: milk with chemistry or dried milk in general, oil from vegetable fats, vegetables stuffed with nitrates.

What are the characteristics that distinguish organic food from non-organic?

1. The soil or land on which plants grow or animals are grazed must be clean from any chemical fertilizers, that is, at least 3 years must pass from the possible moment of their addition.

2. Plants grow naturally without stimulants of growth and protection against diseases and insects.

3. The absence in the finished product of any artificial additives – flavors, stabilizers, emulsifiers, preservatives, and other things.

4. The production technology of such products should be such that it is impossible to contact the production of similar non-organic products.

5. In order to obtain organic meat, dairy products, and eggs, only organic feed should be used, there should be no stress on animals, and antibiotics or some other chemicals should not be used to prevent or improve the characteristics of finished products.

6. There must be a mandatory control of production at each stage.

How can an organic product be determined?

blueberries-babyOrganic food production is controlled by government services, as well as the laboratories of the enterprise itself, where they are produced.

Moreover, if the product has passed the test, then it will be labeled as organic. It will have the “ORGANIC” sign on it.

Note, manufacturers can write all they want “natural product” or “environmentally friendly”, or “without preservatives”, or “does not contain flavorings and colors”, but all this does not guarantee the naturalness and organic origin of such a product. The most interesting thing is that officially a product can be called natural if it contains at least one natural ingredient, and everything else is not so important.

Why is it important for children to eat organic food?

It is known that kids of the first years of their life are very susceptible to different kinds of irritants, which can be toxins, allergens, and any nutritional supplements. Over the past century, scientists have noted an increase in the morbidity of children, which is associated with changes in the nutrition and the presence of chemical additives.

Therefore, many children become or are already born allergic, have some kind of pathology in growth and development. Of course, it’s impossible to state that the reason for everything is nutrition, but this is one of the main reasons, since all our organs, tissues, cells must be built from something and we get these “building materials” from food, and their quality directly depends from the naturalness and organicity of the product.

Where you can get organic food?

In our opinion, there are 2 options:

1. Get your own farm, to keep animals, to grow fruits and vegetables. At 100%, you cannot be sure of the products obtained as a result of this, but at least you can control animal feed, soil, and use no chemistry to grow and protect against plant or animal diseases.

2. Buy products certified as organic. It is difficult to find such products in ordinary stores or supermarkets, so you can try to find them on the Internet or in a pharmacy.

To distinguish such a product from an inorganic one, it is enough to see whether this product has the “ORGANIC” mark on the package.

It is also very important to pay attention to the composition of the product, which should include only natural ingredients, that is, vegetables, fruits, milk, eggs or meat, but no starch, sugar, dyes or other artificial components.

More relevant is the literal description of the ingredients. For example, apple puree should include organic apples, not apple puree, which could have been produced from apples that have been processed for long-term storage.


Now summarize all the above:

– It should be remembered that organic nutrition is not just natural products, but those that obviously do not contain artificial components and retain their natural properties and nutrients. In our time, this can only be achieved by regular monitoring of the production of such products, that is, either to produce them yourself or to entrust the verification of their manufacture to regulatory authorities that label products as organic or non-organic.

– It’s also important to know that it is especially organic baby food that is of particular importance. The correct growth and development of the child depend on it, as well as his or her health and immunity.

– Even if you see attractive names on the labels, you should still check the composition, expiration date, manufacturer details, necessary marking.

Your health and the health of your children depend on you, this is a great responsibility and at the same time the opportunity to make the right decisions. Therefore, start the path to the health of your entire family now, be careful in choosing food and then you can be sure that you have made the right choice.

  1. Hello, I really want to first appreciate your effort in putting this great website together and writing this article. Organic food for our baby hasn’t been paid much attention to.. I am guilty of that also. The benefits of organic food are much and thanks to this well researched post, I am getting organic food for my baby. Everyone should too

  2. This article is interesting because it is about the never-ending topic of discussion around our grandchildren.  Is organic baby food really important for a baby?  Our kids try to find organic baby food whenever possible, but it is more expensive to buy and not at universally available.  Local stores like Whole Foods tend to be the only place they can find real,  organic baby food.  The largest variety is for preserved fruit.  Your article has pointed out the importance of avoiding preservatives in every that our grandbabies consume.  The most reliable way to use organic baby food is to make it.  We buy fresh fruit and preserve it organically.  We also find organic meat to make a puree.  Of course, this kind of food doesn’t last forever so the convenience element is gone.  Thanks for this article.  

    • Hi Anastazja,

      Thank you for your comments. That is true that organic baby food is more expensive than the conventional one but there is a reason for this: under the actual conditions it is harder and more costly to produce organic foods.

      Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

      Warm Regards,


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