It is essential to be healthy and fashionable to be slim! Therefore, many advocates and consume an organic diet. After all, it combines both goals.women-in-the-rice-field

Civilization is poorly reflected in the figure, leading to obesity. We hear this statement quite often. And it is not only the invention of vehicles, appliances for house cleaning and cooking, reducing physical activity. These enemies, so to speak, are obvious, we know about them and fight them with the aid of fitness, sports, dancing, and other things.

Along with them are other hidden enemies that civilization spawned. They prevent us from losing weight even when we go on a diet and to the gym as well. This is the “chemistry” contained in our food.

And here they do not mean such situations when unscrupulous manufacturers “stuff” their products with toxic substances. Hidden chemistry, which constantly penetrates in minimal amounts into our food (for example, through packaging), and therefore into the body, is a much greater threat.

Agricultural products are of no exception. Agricultural chemistry, which is abundant in processed vegetables and fruits, also causes no small harm to health. Studies have shown that nitrates in one quantity or another are contained in more than 30% of the products we use.

Half of all the harmful substances that poison us throughout life, enter the body with food.

What is an organic diet?

An organic diet can be beneficial for both people and our planet.

apples-redPeople who follow an organic diet choose foods that are grown without standard fertilizers. They prefer to eat foods that are grown using natural fertilizers and traditional farming methods. Organic food lovers can choose for consumption the meat of animals that were grown ethically and fed with organic food. Followers of this diet can also eat convenience foods that are made from organic ingredients.

Organic growing methods are more environmentally friendly. There is less pollution than conventional agricultural methods, and the soil remains healthy and safe. This is favorable not only for the planet but also for people.

An organic diet can also have a direct impact on human health. Some studies have shown that organically grown fruits and vegetables contain more nutrients than those grown by standard methods. Organic meat and dairy products have a higher content of omega-3 fatty acids. In addition, consumers can limit their exposure to bacteria, heavy metals, and pesticides.

There are no specifically banned foods in an organic diet. People who adhere to this diet can decide for themselves what part of their diet should be organic food. They can eat mainly organic products and at the same time consume a certain amount of products grown by standard methods.

A careful reading of the labels can help consumers find organic products, and a USDA seal of organic origin can be a useful identification tool. This seal can be used on all organic products, such as fruits and vegetables. It can also be supplied on multi-component products that contain 95 or more percent organic ingredients. Product labels containing a lower percentage of organic ingredients may indicate their contents but are not stamped by the USDA.

Other products that are of interest would be organic additives and herbs, bath products and cosmetics, and even home and garden products. The greater the opportunity to avoid toxins in the products that you consume, inhale or apply to the skin, the better for your overall health.

Features and cons of the conventional (non-organic) diet

Diet features


It turns out that you can gain weight even when adhering to a low-calorie food diet due to a huge number of unaccounted “toxic calories”.

Dr. Paula Baillie-Hamilton Ph.D. was between the first to warn about the “toxic calories” and the implications of all the harmful substances that enter the food have on weight gain and ultimately on our health. The “toxic calories” do not make the food more high-calorie in the literal sense, but lead in the same way as high-calorie food to the appearance of excess weight.

These hidden calories indirectly enhance the excess fat formation by slowing down the metabolism, inhibiting the body’s food processing capability and energy release, disrupt the production and hormones function causing high body weight fluctuations and increased appetite. Unfortunately, increased appetite means more and more of these “harmful” foods are consumed.

The “toxic calories” make their way in our bodies through the foods treated:

  • with dyes, flavorings, thickeners, flavor enhancers, stabilizers;
  • with chemicals that penetrate food during its production, as well as from packaging;
  • with traces of detergents that may remain on the dishes or machinery;
  • with water that has not been sufficiently purified;
  • with herbicides, pesticides, antibiotics, nitrates, and nitrites.grapes-black

Not all foods are affected equally by conventional farming.

For example, wholemeal flour, pasta from durum wheat, wild rice, turkey, lamb, game, tomatoes, green beans and peas, eggplant, leek, nuts, prunes, raisins, and avocado are less loaded with chemicals than
semolina, dairy products, salmon and trout – farm-grown, lettuce, beets, cabbage, carrots, potatoes, cucumbers, herbs, apples, strawberries, apricots, peaches, pears.

Organic Diet benefits

The organic diet developed by Dr. Paula Baillie-Hamilton is designed to strengthen the immune system and lose weight, as well as make your diet healthier and more beneficial.

In order to protect yourself as much as possible from hidden calories and unnecessary “chemistry”, the doctor recommends eating exclusively environmentally friendly, natural food and choosing organic products.

Organic products are those products that at no stage in their cultivation, processing, production, and packaging were in contact with man-made chemicals.

Organic products are a bit more expensive than conventional ones but much safer and healthier. Therefore, the more organic products will be on your table, the easier it will be for you to lose the extra pounds.

Paula Hamilton says that an organic diet can save you up to 13 kg in 3 months or about 4kg per month. Although weight loss does not occur quickly, it happens gradually and holistically for the body. Therefore, you can be sure of the stability of the results achieved.

10 Golden Rules of any Diet (Organic foods or conventional)

1. Purchase special glass containers for storing food in the refrigerator, and get rid of plastic containers and plastic bags. With them, even the most environmentally friendly and healthy products can turn into a “chemical bomb”, absorbing harmful substances from these packages.

2. The longer the product can be stored, the more preservatives it contains. Refuse the use of canned food, sausages, even long-life type milk. Remember, proper and healthy yogurt, kefir and other dairy products should have a shelf life of no more than a week.

3. Use purified water not only for drinking but also for cooking. Quite often, specialists, taking a sample of the water entering our water supply, find heavy metals, pathogenic bacteria, mineral fertilizers, and other harmful substances in it. Therefore, be sure the water is filtered.

4. Do not rush to eat greenhouse vegetables and fruits raw. To start, boil or steam them, so some substances that are poisonous to our body will be destroyed, and some that are especially resistant to temperatures will remain in the water. As you probably already understood, sauces and broths from greenhouse vegetables are also not to be consumed.

5. Most pesticides accumulate in the peel of vegetables. Therefore, it should be removed from foods before use. Especially when you do not know for sure how the vegetable was grown, packaged and delivered to the store. The peels are rich in vitamins and other useful elements, but all of their benefits will be nullified if a shock dose of chemicals gets into our body with the peels. So peeling the fruits and vegetables is a justifiable sacrifice.

6. Nutritionists advise removing all fat from fish, meat, and poultry before preparing them. This helps to reduce the calorie content of foods and the amount of cholesterol in them. An organic diet gives the same advice, but with a different purpose – to protect yourself from harmful substances, mainly accumulated in fat.

7. To get rid of harmful impurities in cereals, they should be washed at least 5-6 times, changing the water. And only after that they can be soaked overnight, but only with filtered water. In the morning, it is recommended to rinse the soaked oats a couple more times before cooking.

8. Meat broths incorporate all growth hormones and stimulants that unscrupulous livestock breeders could give to their animals. Therefore, they should not be eaten. The same applies to fish broths.

9. Processed foods are totally stripped of any nutritional value. All semi-prepared and instant foods shall be ignored in the stores as they are not contributing in any way to our well-being.

10. Ensure that you rinse the pots and dishes before use so the food is not cross-contaminated (cross-contamination between vegetables and meat, etc).


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