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Yoga offers a wide range of health benefits for practitioners. You can expect instant gratification as well as long-lasting physical, mental and spiritual transformation. This ancient healing art has been accepted by people all around the world. Yoga techniques can be practiced by anyone including young, old, middle-aged, men, women and more. There is no better way to improve overall health and wellness than yoga. It is more about a healthy lifestyle than a workout program. Yoga sessions also contain meditation classes to optimize the effect on the mind and body.

Yoga offers a powerful transformation.

Yoga and health benefits- which ones are them?

Different postures of yoga offer different types of physical health benefits. The regular practice of yoga also allows you to enjoy inner peace and tranquility. Focused training transforms your outlook and makes your mind filled with positive energy. Deep breathing and meditation practices are an integral part of yoga. You can get rid of unwanted stress and anxiety-related issues with this wonderful healing art. It rejuvenates your mind, body, and spirit to help you achieve your goals in life.

Learn about different types of yoga

There are many types of yoga available nowadays. You can select a yoga style that suits your interests, fitness levels and lifestyle. The most popular yoga styles are Hatha, Iyengar, Kundalini, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Kripalu, Jivamukti, Restoration, Yin, Prenatal, Anusara, Power, and Hot yoga as well. Each style has its own unique specialties and benefits.

Uses of different type of yoga styles

If you are a beginner, you can choose Hatha yoga, which consists of some basic postures.

Cobra Posture

  1. Lie on your tummy with your arms in front of you.
  2. Place your palms under your shoulders.
  3. With your forehead on the floor: exhale.
  4. While inhaling push your palms into the floor and straighten your arms.
  5. If you do not have any neck problems tilt your head back and look at the ceiling.

The final position shall be like in the picture below but with your head tilted back. Enjoy the posture, it helps a lot if you have back problems.

Cobra Posture

Power yoga enhances the body’s strength using your own body resistance.

If you are interested in the deeper practice, the best choice is hot yoga also known as Bikram yoga. This type of yoga style is performed in a room where the room temperature is kept around 105 F. The enhanced sweat production leads to the fast elimination of toxins from your body.

Iyengar yoga is highly effective for people who want to work on joint problems and injuries.

If you are searching for something more than a workout, you can opt for Kundalini yoga.

Ashtanga and Vinyasa are designed for advanced yoga learners.

Pregnant women can practice Prenatal yoga.Prenatal Yoga

Restorative yoga offers the best solutions for stress, anxiety, and insomnia.

For achieving excellent flexibility, many people are practicing Yin yoga. The bottom line is that you can find a yoga style for every type of fitness level and purpose.

Outstanding stress and anxiety reduction

This is one of the major benefits of yoga. Regular practice decreases cortisol secretion to ease stress and stimulate relaxation. Cortisol is known as the primary stress hormone in the human body. Since most of the yoga styles incorporate mediation as a part of their schedule, mental health and quality of life improve considerably. Yoga always asserts the importance of being present in the moment, and teaches you how to rejuvenate your mind and body, and experience inner peace. This method of approach helps you stay calm and prevent anxiety in all possible ways.

Enhanced strength and flexibility

If you practice yoga regularly, you can enjoy improved strength and high flexibility. Various yoga postures strengthen your body from the inside out to make you look and feel good. Each pose is designed to fortify the muscles around the core of your body, i.e. spine. When your core is strengthened and operates optimally, body posture is enhanced and eliminates body discomforts like neck pain, shoulder pain, and back pain. Your body becomes more flexible and powerful. When you compliment your yoga practice with a healthy diet, your digestive system gets healthier to ensure better protection against disorders such as acid reflux and irritable bowel syndrome. You can also tone your muscles with the help of yoga styles like power yoga.Power Yoga

Better heart health

Your heart health is a very important factor in deciding the overall health. The blood circulation should be steady and consistent throughout the body to ensure the proper supply of nutrients to tissues. When you practice yoga styles like Ashtanga, you can take your heart rate into the aerobic range. Various studies reveal that yoga practice reduces the resting heart rate and improves endurance, which in turn enhances your oxygen uptake during exercise. High blood pressure is one of the most prominent reasons for heart problems. Yoga reduces your blood pressure and LDL Cholesterol to strengthen the heart so that you stay lee vulnerable to heart attacks.

Effective elimination of toxins

The human body is naturally designed to absorb nutrients and eliminate waste. However, there can be situations where your body is overloaded with toxins and it cannot perform its job properly. Several reasons contribute to this situation including consumption of process foods, alcohol intake, specific stressful events in life and lack of exercise. Yoga equips your body with the power for an extra squeeze to eliminate toxins. If you practice hot yoga, you can eliminate toxins with improved efficiency. Since this style keeps the room temperature around 105 F to practice yoga, increased production of sweat occurs to promote greater elimination of toxins. Regular practice eliminates impurities like lymphatic fluid, lactic acid, and carbon dioxide and promotes the flow of nutrient-rich and oxygenated blood to different parts of your body.

Other leading benefits of yoga

Yoga offers many more benefits to regular practitioners. You can enjoy better protection against cartilage and joint breakdown, enhanced bone health, high immunity power, effective regulation of adrenaline glands, improved focus, enhanced memory, strengthened nervous system, sound sleep, high breathing capacity, excellent pain relief, outstanding self-awareness, optimal protection against allergies, lower levels of inflammatory markers and many more.

Yoga improves your quality of life tremendously due to its holistic nature. Regular practice makes you feel better and uses the placebo effect to affect change. You can enjoy the amazing physical, mental and spiritual benefits with this wonderful healing art. The most important thing is that you need to practice it properly under expert guidance to optimize the effects. As you choose the right style and learn the techniques properly, you can start practicing yoga at home without any supervision.

The Cat Posture is achieved by:

  1. Stand on arms and knees
  2. Arch your back upwards and tighten the tummy
  3. Relax your back and push your tummy towards the floor
  4. Repeat

the Cat Posture helps with keeping the spine flexible and strong.

The Cat Posture

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